How to think fearlessly!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that there was a way to think properly, did you?  You would think that as “thinking” beings we would have this all figured out by now.  There’s just one problem however.  We can all think anything we want, but not everything we think is good or beneficial to us.  In fact, the natural (so called) way to think starts with fear, feeds on fear and ends with fear!  The world around us is drowning in a sea of fear.  Problem is, it’s so prevalent that folks hardly recognize it anymore.  Thoughts of doubt, worry, fear, and anxiety hold us in a mental prison.  A prison that gets more and more confined, the more we entertain those fears.  Now just think about that for a second…In order for fear to get a hold on us we have to consciously entertain that fear.  Translated that means you first think of some awful possibility (that hasn’t happened yet), then because it scared you, you feel like you have to hold on to that thought.  In fact, sometimes you might even forget about it for a minute, then hurry up and remind yourself about what was bothering you, then bring it back up again.  Did you ever stop to consider why we do this?  Well, I’ll tell you why (smile).  We do it because we are just sure we can figure the thing out if we give it enough thought.  The problem with that approach is that as you try and try and try to reason the thing out, it gains a deeper and tighter hold on you.  Newsflash folks!  You ain’t going to figure it out.  That fear has its basis in something outside of you.  And, that something knows you aren’t going to figure it out and because of that takes advantage of you.  At the end of the day, fear is spiritual in nature.  It comes from that opposing force that seeks to enslave you.  Sadly, when you give it space, it will eat you alive. 

So, how can you escape?  How can you get to the place where you can take that first breath of “fear-free” air?  Trust me, when the fear is finally gone from your thinking, life takes on a whole new light.  All of those possibilities you dreamed of when you were young come back into focus.  Instead of being woefully distracted, you become alive, dynamic and full of energy to do what you want to do!  So, the simple answer is refuse to think it.  Refuse to entertain the evil thought.  Refuse to try to figure it out.  Tell your finite human logic, your ego, that the solution to this situation is not what it seems.  Let it go…  The predominant message in the Bible is, “fear not!”  Maybe God knows a thing or two about fear.  You might not know this, but everything we have in life comes to us via our believing.  People that enjoy success have believed for success.   People that are happy have believed to be happy.  But, here’s where it gets sticky.  Fear is also a form of believing.  That which you adamantly fear and worry about is going to come your way if you persist!  Your subconscious mind (or your heart if you prefer) is the great citadel from which your life springs forth.  If you constantly deluge your mind with fear and worry (and how can you not seeing we are engulfed in it?), those thoughts eventually filter down into your heart and produce a tangible equivalent in your life.  It shows up as sickness and disease; it shows up as lack and poverty; it shows up as defeat in any category that we allowed it to live in.  So, you my friends, must make it your number one enemy.  Don’t let it persist for a second.  Don’t play semantics and call it caution.  Don’t listen to the so-called majority, because they have been living in it for so long they couldn’t help you if they tried.  Instead try putting this “idea”  into the crucible of your experience.  It won’t be easy at first because you have developed some bad habits.  But, if you persist, I mean really get determined, you will find yourself feeling an odd unusual sensation called “peace”, the kind that God wants people to enjoy…Of course there is more to this, but maybe that will be the subject of another blog!


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