The Right Now of Your Life…

Why do I have to do this stupid analysis of a warehouse process?  This MBA schoolwork is absolutely pointless!  I just want to get it done and over with already!  What time is it?  Am I done yet? I think I’ll take another break…

I have often wondered why us humans seem to place our focus everywhere except the current scenario we find ourselves in.  We seem prone to go to some future time when we get a __________; finish our __________; finally have enough _________; when we move to___________; or find the right __________!  Sound familiar?  Always postponing to the future.  Everything is going to be just grand in the future.  Perhaps the most obvious problem with this logic is that the future never actually arrives, does it?  Oh sure, we plan for the future (the best we can) but what about all of those minutes in-between called, “the life we are actually living right now?”  Well, we sorta waste those minutes, don’t we?  We sit in our houses bored because we have nothing to do, because, after all, in the future when such and such happens things will be so much better!  Crazy, huh?

Personally, I like to write.  Okay, I might even love it!  So, when do I want to get really serious about writing?  In the future, of course.  When I have the perfect house, with the beautiful view, in my den that looks out on the serene surroundings.  Oh I won’t be writing in my spare time.  I will be writing full-time because I managed to get a book published and now that I actually made some money, I can spend unlimited amounts of quality time writing in my perfect haven, in my perfect house, at the perfect time!  Meanwhile, while the minutes of my life tick by, I can spend lots of time dreaming about how great that time will be.  Oh sure, I don’t use the time I’m presently blessed with because that glorious time of “writing nirvana” is still future  (nirvana- the state of being free from suffering).

I know you can relate to this…  It seems perfectly reasonable to make plans for the future, right?  But, once we have made those plans, shouldn’t we focus on the present moment?  Shouldn’t we do our very best to enjoy the moment we find ourselves in and while we are living fully in that moment, do everything that the present moment requires?  If I’m working on getting an MBA (future event) shouldn’t I settle into learning what I can learn right now, understanding that what I’m learning right now is going to lead to that future moment when I not only have my MBA but also even understand some of the concepts that led to it.  (haha)  So, our question remains.  What should I do with my “right now?”  I’m thinking that our “right now” should be fully developed and explored and enjoyed.  The reason that we get so “out of the moment” is that our focus is away on vacation, waiting for the fun and peace and love and blessings that are coming sometime later.  Why???  Because later isn’t scary, that’s why!  As long as it is coming; is on the way; is preparing to happen, then it still has the potential to happen.  There’s no fear of “what if it doesn’t happen?” because it is still future and can “still” happen.  Alas, we eventually find ourselves full of regret, disappointed, saddened about the life we could have lived.  “If only I would have _________ sooner!”  Wow, okay, now I’m sad…:-(

So, what’s the answer then?  The answer, irrespective of your present age, is to make your future life happen right now!  Write your book right now, while the TV is on, on the couch, in the home you need to sell, with the “so-so” view, in your spare time, in the evening…  Do the things you love, the things that get you up in the morning, the things that make your heart wake up, the things during which time stands still; do those things now!  Admit to yourself (me talking to me) that the reason you keep postponing to the future is because you are worried that it might not turn out how you planned.  And, do what you want/need to do now, now!  Hey, you may have to do a “less than favorable activity.”  Well, is that activity going to get you to the place you want to arrive at?  If the answer is yes, then do it now!  If the answer is no, then have a glass of wine and enjoy where you are at this very moment.  If we are really, really honest with ourselves, our ‘ideal’ conditions aren’t so far removed from where we are right now.  Just a little more, a little better, a little different.  I can remember when my wife and I first got married.  We got married in college (solemn piece of advice: don’t do that! :)).  We never had enough money.  When we got a little money, we went grocery shopping.  We spent about 40 bucks and you would have thought we hit the lottery.  I vividly remember staring into the cabinets marveling over the choices of things we had to eat.  Nowadays, we might spend 100 bucks just getting stuff for the Superbowl party.  What’s the difference?  Perspective, that’s what.  Back then we didn’t have and dreamed of when we would “have.”  Now that we “have” we dream of when we will “really have.”  Perspective, that’s all.

So, my dear friends, do not spend another precious moment wasting away your “today” wishing for some future, glorious event.  The future never arrives.  Instead, live your life today with all that you’ve got.  Love and appreciate where you are in this very moment.  Enjoy it, embrace it, revel in it.  Let the future do what it is going to do.   You make up your mind that the only time you can really influence is the time that you have right now.  And, if you do this, you will find that you will not only have the greatest possible time living right now, but that you will also achieve those things you set your heart upon!  You see, you cannot move forward to point B until you have completed the requirements of point A. If your journey requires 15 steps, you have to put your heart into step one, then step two, all the way to step fifteen.  But man oh man, step fifteen is going to be fantastic!

So, why do I have to learn about warehouse processes?  I have to learn about them to get my MBA and when I get my MBA, I’m going to be a pretty cool dude!  We’ve only got one life to live!  Live it to the fullest!


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