Cause and Effect?

We’re all familiar with cause and effect, right?  If you introduce a certain cause then you get a certain effect.  If you mix two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen you get water, over and over and over again.   But, what if the cause isn’t related to the effect?  What if what you think is the cause isn’t really the cause at all?  What if you have been trying so incredibly hard in order to receive some important result, but all of that effort doesn’t lead to the effect you are seeking?  Well, that’s how many people are living and in the end we are left with a whole bunch of frustrated, unhappy people.  How many times have you really, really tried to get something, only to finally give up and blame so other nebulous force by saying things like, “I guess it wasn’t God’s will that I have such and such!”  Really?  Our God of love and abundance doesn’t want you to have something?  That’s not a logical cause, is it?  That my friends is an excuse.  God is always for you, not against you!  He wants you to live a life of incredible abundance, but in order to do so you need to understand some basic principles of believing.

Believing is a cause that leads to an effect.  You can always tell if you actually believed because you would have received the effect (result).  If you didn’t receive, chances are you didn’t believe.  Now, here is where it gets tricky.  Perhaps tricky is the wrong word, because although we may get tricked (i.e. into thinking we are believing when we aren’t believing) the process isn’t really designed to be a “trick.”  Perhaps an example would make it easier to understand.  Let’s say you make $50,000 dollars a year and you would like to earn $75,000 dollars a year.  So you are “believing” to get a better job that pays $75,000 a year.   You submit your resume to employers; have some interviews and receive a job offer.  The salary for the job offer is $50,000 dollars a year.  Why?  Why is it that although I want more, I seem to remain stuck at the same level?  The answer to that question is found in the cause that leads to the effect.  You might say, “I was doing everything right.  I prayed about it; took the right actions; had a great interview and was offered the job!”  “What else was I supposed to do?”  The aforementioned “what else” is the cause that led to your effect.  Although you earnestly sought after a result, in your heart of hearts, you really only expected the result that you got.  Oh you can argue and say it aint so, but the effect you got reveals the cause (what you honestly believed when no-one else was watching/listening)!

All that we have in life; all that we are is the result of our believing!  We believe what we have been taught and no-one can believe beyond what they have been taught.  If you expect less you get less and if you expect more you get more.  We all have error that we have learned and our job is to recognize that error and correct it.  Instead of working so hard in life and getting weary, exhausted, and worn out, we should focus our efforts on changing the things we believe about ourselves and about life.  You know, for example, how I  know that God wants us to live a life of incredible prosperity?  Because I read it in his Word!  If I have been taught that God is not in favor of prosperity or that He wills for me to suffer need so that I can remain humble, then I am not saying what His word says; believing less than His word says, and receiving an effect that keeps pissing me off!  (smile)  So instead of getting mad at life; frustrated and angry, my job is to get real honest about what I really believe and work with God to correct my thinking.  If I insist on persisting with my own way or worse ignoring the great law of life, then I will continue to wear myself out with stress and worry and die before my time.  Simple as that.  How many successful people do you know that are successful at the expense of their own health; their own families; their very own souls?  Folks it aint worth it!  Quit working so hard at life and learn a new way.  Do something different.

One of the things I love best about God is that He teaches me about the spiritual side of life.  He helps my foolish heart to understand.  He shows me personally that the cause I have invested so much time in isn’t the cause at all.  In short, God is a very efficient time saver!  LOL  Why not make the decision to learn something new?  Trust me, life is a whole lot easier if you get God (the Author of Life) involved.   Don’t believe everything you hear about how life works.  The great media machine works tirelessly, day by day, to convince you of things that are just not true or perhaps are just not true for you.    It’s a tough economy; you are never going to get that; jobs are down; money is down; health problems are up; there’s no solution for such and such etc., etc.  Instead of wasting away your life or more accurately having your life wasted away, push on the brake pedal, stop the car and get on another road.  You can!  You should!

It is available for you learn and understand the “real” causes for things in this life and invest your time and energy in causes that will actually produce the result you are after!  Life is spiritual folks and when you finally come to terms with that, your life will be incredibly full, rich and satisfying!

I want a new job!  Hahahaha then believe!


The Dilemma of the Third Drink…

So the very wise and successful La Detra White posed the question, “Does THE THIRD DRINK really change us ….. or in disguise does it bring out what indeed was always there?”  An enticing question, I’m sure you would agree.  I think I just heard Carrie Bradshaw saying it and the end of Sex and the City following her perpetual fight with “Big” who is now somehow connected to, The Good Wife.”  Being an expert in the delights of a good Cabernet, I will frame my answer around my beverage of choice.  If you are an avid wine drinker, and I say that to those wine drinkers who drink it simply for the pleasant purpose that God intended it (…He giveth wine that maketh glad the heart of man) and not necessarily to those in that sad, unfortunate class who drink it to mask their pain and misery in this life, then you will completely understand what I am about to say.  Usually the first glass of wine produces a sparkle on the inside that encourages us to talk and enjoy the people we are blessed to be with and in the reverie of those moments we gladly seek a second glass which seems to encourage more mutual sharing of fondness and kindness and love.  But what about that third glass?  Something odd seems to take place after that third glass, haven’t you noticed?  Somewhere hiding within that third glass is a truth serum.  We didn’t know it was in there as it was deftly hidden, but somehow it manages to emerge.  I’m not talking about that perennial sadness or the lament over lost dreams and opportunities.  I’m talking about that idealist that lives in all of us.  It’s that guy or gal in there that knows exactly what they want and in many cases knows exactly what needs to take place to get to that ideal state that he or she has been dreaming about.  But prior to that third partaking was simply lacking the juevos to say what they have needed to say all along.  That idealist, always lurking just below the surface, wants to share love and kindness; wants to help lift others up and wants to relieve at least a portion of the misery that has been allowed to live in those they care about the most.   He knows the love he has withheld and seeks to remedy it.  She knows her secret dreams and wants to share them with others without fear of ridicule and shame.  And to this point, the only thing that has withheld them from speaking has been fear.

Fear is a curious and deceptive animal.  It also seeks to lurk beneath our bold exteriors and convinces us that we cannot have our ideals.  It tells us lies and half-truths about the things we earnestly seek and after getting us to accept those lies, succeeds in silencing our most noble and God-like aspirations.  Fear is indeed our enemy and is always wrong in every category of our lives.

Back to our dilemma… what is it about that third drink that serves to loosen our tongues so adeptly?  Well that old, ancient beverage starts to lower those walls we have put up around our hearts and it no longer seems so unreasonable to say the things we have been thinking for a long time.  We can no longer contain that idealist and must give him or her voice to say what needs to be said.  Is it delusion?  Is it falsely heightened emotions?  I hope not.  (smile)  It is instead, “liquid courage!”  Lest you should stop reading now, the glorious point that shouldn’t be missed in this well-meaning diatribe (chuckle) is that those things we wanted to say were there all along and Ol’ Cab just brought em out!  (Thanks Ol’ Cab).  Now of course Ol’ Cab has a dark side, as anything does that is not enjoyed in moderation, in that by the fifth and sixth and ninth glass you are no longer an idealist but rather a drunk person seeking only some form of gratification!  LOL

So, “Does THE THIRD DRINK really change us ….. or in disguise does it bring out what indeed was always there?”

It brings out what was already there, my friend.  It brings out what has been there all along…

Make today a day when you speak for the idealist and don’t be satisfied with things the way they always have been…

Hey, just some good thoughts…  Check please!