…Hey, I Like Waffles

Personally I think the catch-all diagnoses of ADD and ADHD are over-rated.  Now hang on before you toss out your Ritalin!  Our modern-day theme for handling our issues seems to be based on being diagnosed with some condition, then being assigned to it entirely and then adding that you were born with it.  I mean after all I was born this way, therefore there is nothing I can do about it…It is what it is, right?   Absent a medical degree , but not absent some God-given horse-sense, folks are mighty quick nowadays to take away our personal responsibility.  You see if I’m responsible for something and I take responsibility, then I can also change something.  But if I’m not responsible for it, then what do you want from me?  I’m just a victim, powerless to effect any change!  Hahahaha.. well not me, boy!  I believe that our minds are just that, “our’s!”  My mind goes where I tell it to go and it does not have its own agenda.  I can turn it off; turn it down; change my thoughts; control my thoughts and focus my thoughts, if I want to!  In fact to achieve any success in this life requires that I learn how to focus.  Mark Wallace, a minister for True North Ministry (dedicated to helping people find their own True North purpose in life) said it best today, “Most people fail to get what they need from God not because they don’t believe, but rather because they fail to sustain or focus their believing long enough to receive it!”  In other words, they get distracted….Hey, I like waffles!

So is this really about ADD or ADHD?  (Wait…what were we talking about?)  Oh yeah, this is about distraction!  Being distracted has reached epidemic status in our world today.  It used to be considered a character flaw, but now it seems to be almost revered.  Weird huh?  It has many code names that give it legitimacy.  How about multi-tasking?  Being an excellent multi-tasker means you can do several things at once.  Of course you don’t really do any of those multi-tasks well, but hey you get a lot of stuff done!  There’s hyperactive, which implies you are active times one hundred.  Sounds good huh?  Preoccupied, busy, workaholic, all symptoms of a mind that is going in too many directions at once.  Not good my friends, not good.  Our minds, absent a couple of doses of LSD, were designed to think one thought at a time.  In fact, we cannot think more than one thought at a time, even if we think otherwise.  Multi-tasking is nothing more than darting back and forth between duties.  Moms are really good at it however, but they also start feeling sleepy around 9:00 p.m.  (smile)  It’s tiring folks, really tiring!  Now I realize you may not believe me on this one, because you are just sure that having the radio on in the background while you work is helpful, so we should take a look at what Big Poppa (God) says about it:  (Oh, Happy Father’s Day Big Poppa)

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.  But let him ask in faith (believing), nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.  For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.  James 1:5-8

Surprising huh?  In other words, when you are believing to get something or accomplish some goal, you cannot have a divided or distracted mind.  You gotta focus man!  Otherwise, this old world is gonna bat you around like an empty beer can in the ocean.  Up real high – life is gooooooood, down real lowwwww – life sucks again, up real highhhhhhh!  Ok you get it… This world is absolutely cram, bang full of distractions.  Go this way, no wait go that way, no wait, why am I in the kitchen?  LOL  What we need to do is to learn how to focus.  If my dreams and goals are important to me, then I shouldn’t give them up the first time it rains.  I shouldn’t give them up if it’s never sunny again!  But you know what happens.  The circumstances of life paint a picture and my dreams aint in the picture.  So instead of staying put despite that picture, I modify my dreams to fit that picture that I didn’t paint nor approve!  Crazy, but true.  God has many wonderful dreams for our lives and wouldn’t you know it, they happen to be the same ones we have!  What a coincidence ~ not!  So again my friends, our job is to learn how to focus.  It’s not good to be a double-minded man, angel on one shoulder, devil on the other!  It’s your life; it’s your mind; it’s your one shot on Terra Firma; make it happen!  Why spend another day at the ice rink without your skates?

So, when the doctor tells you that you’ve got ADD and will have a hard time focusing, thank him for his time and the Ritalin and get busy learning how to focus your mind!  You can do it or Big Poppa would have never told you to do it!

Life is too short to wait for your empty beer can to arrive at some good destination!  Pop open another beer and take charge of your barbecue!  You can do it, you know why?  Because…hey, I like waffles!



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