Be Honest with Yourself…

One of the great deceptions of the human race is that little thing called,” lying to yourself!”  You know how it goes.  You are afraid of something and then you make those bravado declarations like, “I’m not scared of anything!”   Yet on the inside, you know it aint true.  Now maybe you don’t want to broadcast that from the rooftops, but come on now, really?  You know if you are afraid of something and the very least you could do is to be honest with yourself.  You, my friends, are the only you, you got!   You are the only person on earth that has to live in your head and you aint gonna get into someone else’s head.  (No matter what anyone says to the contrary)  So let’s just get honest, huh?

Maybe it will make more sense if I say it this way.  Let’s pretend your mind is like a big old house.  (Come on, go with me now!)  You probably paid a whole lot of money or owe a whole lot of money for your house (it’s valuable).  It’s your house!  It’s where you live.  It’s where you go (hopefully) to relax.  You can be naked in your own house, if you know what I mean.  You can sleep in your own house.  You can talk out-loud, sing songs, bungle the words, dance a little…hey it’s your house!  No-one is allowed in your house without your permission.  You can share your house with others if you like them.  You can decorate it how you want to and redecorate anytime you want.  If it gets too hot, you turn on the AC.  If it gets too cold, you turn off the AC  (LOL well it is summer).  It is your house, you feel me?  Now let’s say you have a room in your house that terrifies you.  That room just scares you to death.  Every time you go in there you shudder and can’t wait to get out of there again.  “Maybe I will just avoid that room and not go in there,”  said no-one, ever!  You would march your butt into that room; declare, “this is my house blankety blank swear words,” and take your room back in your house BECAUSE it is your house!  Well, wouldn’t you?  Maybe it’s not a scary room, but rather a scary creature that came in uninvited, like a wild dog or a hairy spider or a few million happy little ants.  I’m guessing that no matter how much that wild beast scared you, you would do something to get it out of your house!  Toss the dog some steak; smash a spider guts; or spray some ‘bona-fide’ ant killer fluid!  Something, right?  Okay now stay with me…  Your mind is a house.  It is very, very valuable!  You own it outright!  You can modify anything in it; you can change anything in it; you can control what goes in there and you can decide who gets to stay and who has to leave!

When you let things that scare you remain in your house and ignore them and talk around them and make excuses for them, you are lying to yourself!  You are not being honest with yourself.  You are putting on elaborate outfits when you would rather be naked!  You are decorating on the top of dirty walls.  You are locking the doors to scary rooms and refusing to go in them!  Stopppppppppp Itttttttttttttt!  You only have one mind (YOLO, YOLO) and you only have one life to live!  Be honest; have a talk with Big Poppa and get those wild beasts out of your house once and for all.  Make the decision to look them in the eye (a’la James and the Giant Peach) and take it/them on.  See what God says about overcoming fear in the Bible (He may just know a thing or two…smile) Getting faded (slang used to show how cool I am) just prolongs your agony.  Life is no joke folks and you have to take this stuff seriously.  People spend their whole life scared of something and end up missing their whole life!  Their whole life!

If you have the courage to take back your house and everything in it, you will make an earth shattering discovery.  You will find that life is good (great name for a company).  You will find that life is joyful and fun.  You will begin to treasure your relationships and all those people in your life.  You will appreciate the things God has blessed you with.  You might even find yourself inspired to reach out and help somebody else (wink, wink).  In short, you will begin to taste that life God had in mind when he came up with the whole  idea.

It’s right there waiting for you folks, if you will just be honest with yourself!


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