I Vote For…A Tender Heart!

Well, it’s election season and most folks are caught up in the hate; the anger; the rhetoric!  Friends in danger of deletion; permanent and temporary!  LOL  Folks polarizing to one side or the other and end up agreeing with things they don’t agree with, all for the sake of defending their side!  Crazy huh?  I’ve done it myself, I must agree, but at the end of the day, is it really about political parties or is about loving for and caring for people with a tender heart?  Being a Christian man, actively involved in introducing folks to Big Pappa, it seems to my little ol’ brain that people need a little compassion; a little understanding.  Saying that everyone on welfare is a cheater and a scammer is so contrary to God’s heart, ain’t it?  Everyone?  Why should we be so worried that someone is going to get over on us all the time?  If I give from a loving heart, won’t God still take care of me and bless me for it?  If someone wrongfully uses me or takes advantage of me for being compassionate, will I lose in the end?

Folks that are suffering or have gone astray will never find the way back as a result of my judgment or criticism, will they?  Have you ever seen a person that changed course after a severe tongue lashing?  It’s the goodness of God that leads men to a change of heart.  Lord knows I may have the record for going astray and the good Lord keeps showing me the way back.  (smile)  God has already solved the sin issue for us, so to focus on folk’s sins or errors is fruitless.  You want someone you love to change courses from darkness to light?  Then love them with a tender heart and watch them respond.  Love, true love is irresistible.  You want them to stay the same and keep doing the wrong, the evil?  Then give them a lecture and point out just how wrong they are.  You see folks, no-one wants to do bad; no-one wants to take advantage of people, really.  People just get led astray and get drug off course.  (Or maybe that’s dragged? LOL)  To say that people shouldn’t need help at times is to no longer be called a human.  Sure, maybe I figured some stuff out.  Sure, maybe I have my needs met.  Sure, maybe I have learned how to believe for myself.  But thankfully it wasn’t so long ago that I forgot how to take care of someone else!  I believe the true essence of being God’s kid is to never forget all the crazy stuff He delivered you from and continues to deliver you from!  (and me…)

So during this election season, take a step back; take a breath and remember that we really all want the same things.  Obama isn’t going to ruin our country anymore than Romney is going to fix it!  What fixes the wrongs in our country is a lot more love and lot less hate.  Instead of blaming this guy for the poor economy and hoping this other guy will fix it, focus instead on fixing attitudes of intolerance and hatred.  Just because you disagree with someone’s life doesn’t mean you have to hate them for it.  People won’t come to you for help if you hate them, will they?  The solution is to love people; not just the lovable, but the unlovable also.  Jesus hugged a leper, man!  They called him the friend of publicans and sinners.  Do you think he hung with those folks because he loved error?  No, he hung with the folks that needed his help the most.  Sick people need doctors, not healthy people.  The problem is, not all sickness is physical.  Do yourself a huge favor and don’t get caught up in all the rhetoric.  In reality, you and I know in truth a minute portion of the stuff we are being told.  Facts, statistics, political twists and wrangling – don’t believe the hype!

We are the human race and we all want the same things.  We want love and compassion and understanding.  We want you to see our faults and errors and choose not to bring them up.  We want you to see the good in us as we attempt to see the good in you.  We want your tender heart and we want to give you ours.  We live in an imperfect world with complicated solutions at times.  “Get a job!” – doesn’t work in EVERY scenario, but loving and giving love does!  So tomorrow, when you are tempted to go on an angry rant about the evils of Romney or the evils of Obama, remember we are not Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians or Conservatives, we are people attempting to live on Earth together in a way that helps us all to get along.  That’s not compromising on the truth, that’s love!

Can’t we all just get along?  Haha I love you!


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