The Time To Determine How Your Life Will Turn Out…Is Now!

There is an interesting phenomena that takes place nowadays called living in the future.  You begrudgingly go to work all week because you can hardly wait for the weekend, right?  (TGIF and everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…)  One day, when your ship comes in everything will be okay.  Buy the lotto ticket because when you finally win, man-o-man life will be good.  You know how it goes…  “When I get that new job…”  “When we finally sell this house…”  “When I find that one special person…(my soul-mate created solely to make MY life complete!)” …and so on and so on!  But, did you ever stop to think that your life actually is this moment of time that you are in, right now?  You can’t go back to yesterday to change something (trust me, I’ve prayed for that one a lot 😉  You can’t ever arrive at the future, you can only live this day.  SO, what are you gonna do with this day?  Will you trade it for the illusory promise of a better tomorrow?  (That tomorrow that never comes, because it will always be tomorrow?)  When you pray to God for something (which, by the way, He not only hears but wants to provide for you), is it future tense?  Some folks spend their whole lives praying for some future event that never leaves the future.  Or, will you finally leave the land of self-deception and get into the here and now?  You see, the time to determine how your life will turn out is now.

If you were going on a very long journey, one that was going to take a long time, the most logical thing to do would be to take the first step.  Sure it’s a helluva distance, sure it seems like it is going to take forever, but if you make up your mind to take a step (right now) you are going to be at least one step closer than you were yesterday.  And if you follow me, you are going to get there at some point.  But, here’s where the self-deception kicks in.  Because what you want is in the future, you fail to start the journey.  You keep waiting and waiting and waiting.  “It’s too far man!”  “I just can’t see it happening yet!”  And, at the end of the ride, you haven’t moved forward one inch.  Everyone of us is at some location in this journey of life and I imagine every one of us has some other destination in mind.  So, what in the world are we waiting for?  The secret is to simply start!  Take a step; make a move; get off your “but.”

Lately I have been challenging myself to do some visualizing.  Oh yeah I know it works (intellectually) but when do I do it?  Never!  It is so much easier to dream of some future state that will make my life complete, as long as it remains a dream.  But to actually take the steps to make it happen is a whole different story!   So I broke out my trusty IPad and put together a PowerPoint presentation called “Visualization.”  Then, I put pictures on there of my “future life” so that I could get a clear picture in my mind of what that life looks like.  Then, (and here’s when I departed from the land of self-deception) I made (and am making) myself study it every morning and every night.  I know, I know, you don’t have time for that crap right?  LOL  But somehow you have time to live the same life day after day, peering into the horizon watching for that ship; that one ship that will make everything okay!  I digress…  Now, here’s where it gets interesting.  My house that we have been selling for three years now, is on there with a cleverly photo-shopped picture of a “sold” sign on the banner.  (Future plan-sell house)  After all, when we finally sell this house we will be able to live again…  Haha  Well today we got an offer.  Glory be, an offer!  Do you think there is a connection?  As soon as I decided to make that future goal a present day reality, it became a present day reality.  I’ll say it again, it became a present day reality!  It wasn’t the “magic” of visualizing that made it happen, it was my personal mental shift from the future to right now.  (And imagine how happy God is about it, as He may have tired from that particular prayer!  LOL, just kidding Pops)

So what dreams do you have for the future that you would like to enter the present tense?  Well, get off your “but” and get busy making it happen.  Tomorrow?  No, now!  Get a crystal clear picture of what it looks like and see it and see it and see it.  You aint getting any younger!  That future you earnestly desire is not going to move towards you until you move towards it.  MOVE TOWARDS IT!  (yelling intended…smile)  Even if your grand and glorious journey took three years, on September 29, 2015 you would be living it.  That’s worth it, right?

Now, I should add an important point here.  Don’t think for one moment that the stars will align and all of life will harmonize to help you as soon as you start.  In fact, circumstances and events are going to do their best to talk you out of what you just decided.  (There’s a reason for that called “the adversary” who is never in favor of your personal happiness)  So, do it anyway…  Stay the course and keep moving on your plans.  If you keep moving forward and refute those false appearances, you are going to arrive just as surely as the sun is going to come up tomorrow.  And, as you steadfastly set your mind, you will discover another fantastic reality.   You will start getting to the place where your dream is no longer a dream but instead a reality that no-one can talk you out of.  You will find yourself in places and circumstances that are going to help you get to where you are heading.  Why didn’t it happen before?  You weren’t moving towards it before, that’s why!

So folks, you are now left with an important decision.  Will you continue your futile attempts at staring into the horizon waiting for that ship; that circumstance; that indicator that it’s time to move, or will you put on your big-boy briefs (and your big-girl panties) and take a step?  Will you decide that the time to determine how your life will turn out, is now?

I sure hope so…

There may no longer be a house for sale in Layton!  (woot woot)  Your future starts right now!!!


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