Are You in a Good Space?

That space that you occupy on earth is your space and yours alone.  But, I thought I would let you in on a little secret.  The real space that you occupy exists between your left ear and your right ear.  So, I ask, are you in a good space?  Or, how is your world according to you?  In the final analysis, how you choose to answer that question is 100% true for you.

Most people (and I really mean most people) think that life happens to them and that they must live in perpetual reaction to it.  They believe that good days come along at times and that bad days wander in on occasion.  When good times are apparent, they attribute it to luck and even go as far to say that some folks are very lucky; i.e. seem to be living a “charmed” life (hmmm charmed, what an odd conclusion…).  Has it ever occurred to you that the people who seem to get all the “breaks” might be doing something that you have yet to figure out?  I know it sounds a little insulting; the prospect that we might not know something, but hear me out for a little bit.  Life is not something that happens to you, you are something that happens to life!  Chance, randomness, and luck are man-made attempts to explain something we haven’t fully understood.  We look at two seemingly similar situations and observe that one succeeds and one fails.  We scratch our heads in disbelief because similar situations should have similar outcomes.  So, what is the cause for the disparity?  It’s really very simple.  One expects a certain outcome and the other fears a certain result.  The results they experience are 100% true for them, but chance didn’t decide the outcome, they did!

Learning how to think properly and how to believe rightly are just the greatest things in the whole world.  God, the Mastermind behind the creation, set no limits on believing.  The results of believing have absolutely nothing to do with how good or bad we are.  Evil people believe and good people believe and both receive in exact accordance with their expectations.  Sadly, the enemy of all that is good uses a form of believing against us.  It’s called fear!  Fear is believing and if you hold onto that fear long enough it is coming your way, my friend.  So, get ready!  If you are afraid of being poor, poor is in your future.  That’s not to say that all poor people are fearful.  Can you imagine being born into a family that is 3 generations deep into poverty?  How easy it is to say, “Get a job!” But, imagine how your expectations for life would be shaped by those ingrained beliefs.  That’s precisely why I would never call for an end to social programs.  I haven’t walked in those moccasins, so who am I to judge?  Fear is perhaps the greatest hold-back that humans will ever be confronted with.  Fear makes you withdraw into a self-made prison hole and you cannot see the way out.  Action cures fear.  Theorizing (endless theorizing) only strengthens fear.  Don’t try to figure it out, simply act on those things you are afraid of.  Take action and watch those life suckers fade into insignificance.  Most folks are not in a good space because they are afraid.  That is no way to live.

On  the other hand, we have the privilege to believe or expect the very best.  You are the only limit setter.  The “charmed” family is so because someone is doing some believing.  Good days and bad days are simply a decision WE have made.  If you cannot see yourself ever making a good salary, you WILL NOT ever make a good salary (good being something you decide).  If you don’t believe you will find the “perfect” mate, you won’t…end of story.  What you expect (not casually say, but earnestly expect) is what you will get, no more, no less.  Happiness is not a factor of circumstances, but a factor of expectation.  If you believe it will work out for you, it will.  If you believe you can have your heart’s desires, you can have them.  God is not opposed, no matter what anyone may tell you otherwise.  Often religion and religious people only want to tell you what you can’t have.  If happiness and prosperity were solely based on our personal purity, there would be no happy or prosperous people.   Look around you!  There are plenty of people who have both prosperity and happiness and they certainly aren’t more morally correct than you are.  What they have, that you thus far have lacked, is a realization that what they expect they get, so why not expect the best?

Being in a good space has nothing to do with life’s circumstances, good or bad, but rather your belief system.  Why not modify your beliefs and accordingly modify your life?  It’s your life, after all.  Stop settling for okay and alright.  What’s the best?  You can have it.  You should have it.  So, decide to occupy your space on terra firma according to what you want and not according to what the world told you.  Take on those fears and things that hold you back.  Deal with those issues that you need to deal with.  Take the time you need to honestly evaluate how you are living.  Where do you think that dream of a better life came from anyway?  (Ummm hello, God?)  In the immortal words of James Allen,

“Let a man cease from his sinful thoughts, and all the world will soften toward him, and be ready to help him. Let him put away his weakly and sickly thoughts, and lo! opportunities will spring up on every hand to aid his strong resolves. Let him encourage good thoughts, and no hard fate shall bind him down to wretchedness and shame. The world is your kaleidoscope, and the varying combinations of colors which at every succeeding moment it presents to you are the exquisitely adjusted pictures of your ever-moving thoughts.”

Are you in a good space?  I am… 🙂


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