How to be Positive in a Negative World!

untitled    My son and I were talking the other day about how negative most people are and how they expect things not to turn out right.  You really can’t blame people in that their experience in this world tends to favor negative events occurring most frequently and positive events occurring sporadically.  Have you ever stopped to consider why that is?  Surely the world wasn’t intended to be such a negative place, where stuff goes wrong over and over again!  Yet, sadly it is and things do…  So, there must be some answer; something that makes sense and follows a logical, consistent pattern.

I think as a starting point we need to understand how we were designed to live our lives.  The most significant, underlying principle involves our thoughts; namely what we think and what we expect.  Most folks have been persuaded to believe that events randomly happen to them and that they are then forced to react to those circumstances.  And, although it sure seems to work that way, the reality is that it doesn’t.  Instead life happens in accordance with our expectations, formed by how and what we think about most often.  In its most basic form, what we expect is what we get.  So how did we get to the place where we expect so little of the good and have to endure some much of the bad?  It happened to us because our environment is literally flooded with negatives.  The media of the day is negative; negative stories, negative events, a million things to be afraid of, cautions and dangers surround us on every hand.  This disease is lurking; that catastrophe is pending; this disaster is waiting around the corner and so on and so on.  And, we unknowingly feed on that garbage day and night.  In short, our thinking is constantly being framed to expect bad things to happen or more surreptitiously, to take action on things we are afraid are going to happen unless we do this and that.  Fear, fear, fear, parading itself as prudence and caution.  The whole world is one large fear machine robbing its inhabitants of peace and the type of life God intended for us.

It is not just how life is folks!  Life wasn’t intended to be a continual struggle against things going wrong all the time.  Humans were not intended to limp through life thoroughly beaten and defeated; not reaching their goals or living their dreams.  Our problem is that we have bought into that mindset and have been sold down the river, hook, line and sinker!  And whether you believe it or not, there is something out there that works tirelessly to sell you those lies ever hopeful that you don’t ever realize the control you have by controlling what you will think and what you will believe.  God promises to take care of your every need and you struggle to believe it.  Yet the doctor hints that you may have a disease and you accept it fully without an ounce of fight.  Bad things ARE NOT just going to happen anyway!  You do have a choice and despite what it looks like (and even if what it looks like presents overwhelming evidence) you can get the right results.  However, in order to do so you have to train your mind to live above the negatives; not ignore them, but live above them.  You don’t need blind positivity where you don’t ever see bad things, that’s not realistic.  Instead, you have to learn how to recognize the negative potential and decide with adamancy that things will work out for you (with God’s help of course)!  You decide!  It is your life!  Have you ever noticed that when you get sick and tired of some negative scenario and say, “Enough is enough!!!” – suddenly you find the solution or some event happens that causes the scenario to finally end?  Or something is persistently going wrong and you exclaim, “This bull***t stops today!” – then it does?  What changed?  What was so different?  What changed was that you finally woke up to a living reality; that you, my friend, have control over your own life!

So in order to start getting all of those blood sucking negatives out of your head, you have first got to stop feeding on them, night and day.  Quit reading it; stop watching it; stop talking about it etc..  Stop allowing your mouth to make those negative confessions!  Stop complaining and whining and bitc**ing and change your mind.  It is your mind!  If something negative has happened, it is not required that you rehearse the story to everyone you know.  If you do, you are just rehashing and reinforcing and setting the stage for more of the same.  Ever notice when you are complaining about things going wrong, more and more goes wrong?  Hmmm….

Instead feed your mind (your only mind) with good things.  Feed on positive events.  Say positive things to people.  Speak positives into your life.  Tell friends it will work out.  Confess that things work out for you!  Tell your family that thing is not going to happen!  And above everything else, speak kindly to yourself and expect good things for yourself.  It’s not a “deserving thing” because none of us would deserve it, instead it is a “grace” thing because God has promised it!

I don’t know about you, but I want to live my life with enjoyment.  I don’t want to spend another second looking over my shoulder for some bad thing that is about to get me.  I’d rather be surprised by it!  (LOL)  In other words, let God do His job and you and me do our jobs!  It is available in this ultra whacky world to live joyfully and peacefully.  We have been made free by God to get the most out of this experience called life.  You want to get a life?  Get rid of the negatives and learn to think positively.  And if you will take this very seriously and do it, you know what you will find out?  You’ll find out that, that positive, peaceful, joyful, love motivated place is where God hangs out…  Life is always good where God hangs out!

Two choices folks:  expect good or expect bad!  As for me and my house, we are expecting the best!

Choose good ~ just some good thoughts…


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