Another Brick in the Wall…

images2 “We don’t need no education!”  Well, actually we do.  “We don’t need no thought control!”     Hmmm, I beg to differ.  Yet, despite my disagreement with some of the song lyrics, Pink Floyd was actually on to something…  Often we find ourselves in life facing many recurring difficulties that play themselves out over and over again.  We doggedly persist in our bad habits, with their bad outcomes, that we cannot seem to shake.  We can’t seem to find that “great” job.  We never seem to have quite enough money and when we do get some money, things quickly come up that take it all away.  The list of frustrations is endless.  As soon as you get healthy, some other malady shows up.  You can’t find the right girl or the right guy.  And when you think you’ve found them, something always seems to go wrong.  Why?  Is life supposed to be a frustrated journey, where you can never quite get what you want; where what you want is always just a little out of reach?  Well, despite the pessimistic majority, the answer is actually no!

All that you could ever want in life comes from what you choose to believe in your heart.  Believing (or expectation) comes from your heart.  And believing is easy.  Children do it with ease.  But adults, not so much!  Okay now stay with me.  If everything you ever needed or wanted in life can be accomplished by you being able to believe for it to happen, then what stops or stymies your believing?  What gets in the way and hinders you?  What’s the blockage?  If adulthood means you are smarter than a child, then what advantage do children have when it comes to believing?  They have no “bricks” in the wall…

When Jesus Christ came as promised, he had a mission from God.  His mission was (and is) to teach people how to live abundantly and how to destroy the works of the adversary.  Both missions actually represent the same thing.  Absent any hindrance from the adversary, all that you wanted in life would come your way without any difficulty.  And whether you believe in an adversary or not, you are quite familiar with the difficulties and hindrances to your success, right?  The difficulties (or apparent difficulties) come from bricks in a wall that surrounds your heart.  Those bricks are errors in your thinking; errors in your expectations; errors in your believing.  They are superstitions, illogical conclusions, falsehoods and wrong doctrines.  And, we learned them because some taught us them.  (“Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone!”)  Religious people taught us.  The media machine taught us.  Television taught us.  Our parents taught us.   Obviously everything we have learned isn’t bad, but much of it is.  We think it is just the way life is.  So instead of dreaming lofty dreams like children do, we settle into a life of mediocrity and expect things not to work out.  (Just listen to what you tell yourself when things are going well…)

So, how can we get those bricks that stubbornly cling to us and surround our hearts, removed once and for all?  How can we get back to being tender-hearted and have the believing expectation of a child?  The answer can be found by understanding what Jesus meant when he said he came to destroy the works of the adversary.  The Greek word for destroy means to “dismantle.”  Dismantle means to disassemble, component part by component part.  It’s similar to making repairs on the engine of your car.  You have to take off part after part until you get down to where your problem is.  Error is like that.  The adversary, through an entire system of error, has layered brick after brick of wrong thinking in and around your heart.  He sold you a lie, then another, then another.  And he did a damn good job on all of us, because look how negative and cynical the world has become.  When someone tells you to believe for it to work out, you think he must be nuts!  Yet, when someone tells you it’s not going to work out because of this fact or that economy or that symptom or this percentage, you believe it without giving it a second thought!

You can only take on error and eradicate it one thought at a time.  Brick by brick, thought by thought until it’s gone.  Ask yourself, when you are thinking negatively, why do you think that?  Sure a lot of people say it’s true, but is it?  Really if you followed the world’s logic, no-one would have ever invented anything; no business would have ever succeeded; no miracles would have ever occurred, no healing, no results, nope hope, nothing!  The truth is that you can believe God to overcome any malady.  You can be healed of anything-anything!  You can have that job, that money, that husband, that wife, that happiness, if you’ll just take on and sort out that error in your head and heart.  Start pulling those bricks out until they are gone.  Will it take some time?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!

Find out the truth about things.  Look up what God says about your situation.  Don’t spend another day buried in the bricks of illogic and fear.  You know in your heart what is really true, so pursue your own life and happiness with vigor!  It’s all right there waiting for you, folks!

Hey!  Teachers!  Leave them kids alone!!!

Just some good thoughts…

PS You just removed a few bricks…


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