Learn to Believe…Again

Why-Happy-Children-Grow-up-as-LosersOne of the greatest principles in all of life is that of believing!  What you believe is what you receive in life with an exactness and precision that is breathtakingly accurate. Believing forms the foundation of who you are; your level of success; your health; your happiness, everything!  Yet how many of us really understand believing for the simplicity that it is and are able to use the principle to improve our lives?  You cannot get anything without believing.  If you have too little, you have believed for too little.  If you struggle financially it is because you have not yet believed to get your need met.  If you are besieged with health problems or any problems for that matter it is because you have not yet believed to overcome those difficulties.

Remember when you were young and your mind and heart were filled with great expectations for the future?  You could do anything, be anything and have anything you wanted.  And, you were absolutely right!  Then something happened to you.  Oh you didn’t see it coming, but it got you just the same.  This old world talked you out of what you believed and replaced it with limitations and “realistic” expectations and “grown-up” thoughts!  You inadvertently traded your dreams and desires for other beliefs; beliefs that life isn’t fair and that you win some and lose some; that life is random; that there is no God because of ______… You were tricked into thinking that there was something called chance and destiny that chose your future and thus acquiesced to what things looked like rather than what things could be.  And, if you are honest, you know that things haven’t turned out how you would have liked and that you have chosen acceptance rather than challenging the status quo.  “It is what it is,” but it doesn’t have to stay that way, that is of course, unless you believe otherwise.

Believing is the greatest law in the whole world!  Believing cures diseases; changes relationships and brings increase and success and prosperity.  Everyone believes something and believing works in every case for Christians and non-christians alike.  So, you have to ask yourself, what do you believe?  No, I didn’t ask what do you think or what would you like or what have you hoped for.  I’m asking you to look deep down, inside your own heart and answer for yourself, what do I really believe?  How do I think life really works? Am I powerless in a world that does what it wants or do I have control over what happens to me?  Believing is your control over a seemingly uncontrollable life.  Believing allows you to tap into a power you may not ever have experienced before.  Believing works in every case and cannot be denied by anything, anywhere!

I like to shave in the car on my way to work.  Last week before I went to bed I had the thought that my shaver needed to be charged, but in my usual fashion, went by that thought and didn’t plug my shaver in.  As I drove to work the next morning I was thinking that I might need to meet with a potential client that day and hoped that my shaver was charged enough to shave.  I turned it on and, “click” nothing happened.  It was out of juice.  I thought maybe it was clogged so I emptied it out and, “click” nothing!  Then I thought, okay God I need you to give this thing some juice so I can shave.  Then, interestingly, I also thought, “now don’t just turn it on and see if it works (which would introduce doubt) but instead just turn it on and immediately start shaving (as if it was charged)!”  I turned it on and immediately started shaving and guess what happened?  It was on, by God, and I was shaving.  I hurriedly shaved feeling incredulous that it turned on and then turned it off when I was done.  Then I remembered I hadn’t trimmed my mustache and turned it on again to finish (yeah, it came back on).  Then I thought, well that was cool and I’m done now.  I bet if I turn it on again it won’t work.  Click – nothing…

Now you could argue that it was just cold or really had some power left or some other “rational” explanation, but you would be wrong and relying on what the world was telling you was possible rather than on what can be accomplished by believing!  That thing came on because I believed and acted on my belief. Was what happened a life or death situation?  Of course, not.  But that same believing also works in life or death situations.  You see, believing is simply getting your mind and heart convinced of some reality and refusing any other outcome.  If you believe something, you act on it without hesitation, without doubt.  If you doubt or trust what it looks like or what the doctor says or what the economy says or what your family says or anything that negates what God says, you will be in effect talked out of your believing and receive the results or lack of results of your own believing.  It really is that simple

So, my friends, you need to learn to believe…again.  You need to take the time to learn what is available to you in life (suggestion-the Bible) and choose to believe what God says, which by the way is how you thought when you were a child, before the world got to you.  You can change anything in your life.  You can go from poor to prosperous; from sick to healthy (no matter the disease); from sad and miserable to happy!  You can; you should; it is your birthright!

Our great God has so ordered life that He gave you control over what happens to you and that control is found in what you believe!  Don’t foolishly discount believing as fanciful or reserved for religious zealots, but see it for what it is, God’s solution for you in a world that seeks otherwise.

Just some good thoughts that I hope you believe…



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