Solving Problems…The Light Way!

imagesThink, for a moment, about the definition of a problem. Defined:  A situation, matter or person that presents perplexity or difficulty. The reason you have the problems you have is because you don’t have the answer or cannot find a way to solve the perplexity and/or difficulty. Otherwise you wouldn’t have a problem. It always amazes me about how much time we spend analyzing and rethinking our problems in an often futile attempt to find a remedy. Oh, I get it though! That little scenario you are wrestling with is driving you nutso and it’s hard to think about anything else while it’s occupying your mind. But, have you ever considered that maybe the method the whole world seems to take in problem solving is exactly what the “problem source” intended? If you have ever spent a night or a week or a month brooding and worrying over some potential result, you know exactly what I mean. When you finally get on the other side of it you realize just how much time you wasted in your attempt! In the final analysis, the true source of your problems is smarter than your human logic and deftly introduces situations that will lead you down a dead-end road.  The real problem is trying to rely on your human logic to find the answer, when your human logic is precisely what is being attacked. Roll that around for a minute…So, if you are still reading and haven’t already discounted what I’ve said thus far (smile), there is another way I’d like to introduce you to called, “The Light Way!”

Human logic, though wonderful at times, is flawed. It is flawed because we only know what we know and often what we think we know, we don’t really know. The old adage, “what you don’t know will hurt you” is only partially true. You have to add “what you think you know and don’t really know will hurt you as well!” Our enemy, the one that has done a masterful job of disguising himself, is the source of every problem that ever hit your doorstep. He is the reason for disease, poverty, relationship issues, sadness, depression, suicide, mental illness and on and on and on. Well, everything happens for a reason you exclaim! Yes it sure does, but not everything that happens to you happens for a “good” reason. That is just more of the aforementioned doing a masterful job of concealing himself. Though it seems to provide comfort by thinking “God did it” for some mysterious reason, the reality is that God doesn’t do evil things to people ever, for any reason! I understand that’s not necessarily good news when you have finally come to terms with some awful thing that happened, but it is the truth. So the good news, the really, really, really good news is that there is a solution to EVERYTHING that ever defeated you or hurt you! The solution comes from the Source of all goodness, God, the originator of, “The Light Way.”

If you have ever read the Bible and I mean really tried to understand it as opposed to co-signing with all the naysayers and human wise guys, you can clearly see there is something to it that seems to run counter to how you have learned to think. You think life works this way, the way of the world, but begin to learn it doesn’t work that way at all. The Bible, or the words in the Bible represent the Light. God is His Word and the Word is God. When you put the light of God’s Word in your mind it chases away the darkness, just like lighting a tiny candle runs off a whole room full of night. When you find yourself wandering in the darkness, i.e. stuck in some problem or apparently unsolvable situation, you need to introduce more light. You don’t need to spend another futile second arguing with or pleading against the darkness…You need to introduce the light. The words of God’s Word are perfect. (Side rant – despite the wisdom of men that told you, “men wrote it” or “it’s an ancient book that doesn’t apply to today” or “it’s a myth” or “it’s full of errors and contradictions!” Action item:  The next time someone tells you it is full of errors, ask them to show you ONE…Bring a book though because you will be there awhile) Haha I digress, sorta. So, the Word is perfect and in its inherent perfection has no holes or flaws for the enemy to exploit. Now stay with me people! If you say God’s Word to yourself when you are under attack and even better the words that apply to the attack you are under, and choose to believe them despite what the whole dum dum world says the contrary, you will come out on top, always and forever! That is “The Light Way” to solve your problems. That is how Jesus Christ defeated  the enemy (It is written)! And that is what Big Poppa (Jesus’ Dad) had in mind when He had His people write the words (by revelation). That old dust-covered Bible maybe the greatest treasure you have at your house… 🙂

So (and this is a very big SO), the next time you start running an apparently unsolvable problem through your mind, give yourself a break and stop trying to be so smart! Instead introduce the light, lots and lots of light. We have a small fellowship that meets in our home. Whenever people leave they always say they feel better and have solutions. You know why?  We gave them the light instead of our potentially flawed opinions. Get to light homies! And, how about this one for starters:

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not to thy own thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths… Proverbs 3:5-6

Life doesn’t suck my friends, the enemy sucks and you aint ever going to beat him on your own. Put those wonderful words of light into your noggin! And when that light shines into your heart, you are going to see maybe for the first time, that God called you to win in life, in every situation! You will know exactly what to do and God Almighty is going to back you up. You just cannot lose..

Those are just some “perfect” thoughts…


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