This Marvelous Life… A Birthday Blog!

DSC_0425When I think about my soon to be 53 years on Earth I wax philosophic. What a ride it has been so far! When I was a youngster I envisioned myself being in Elvis Presley movies or moving to California and becoming rich and famous. None of those things have happened so far, but something infinitely better happened instead. We all seem to have this vague notion of the future and it usually includes a lot of money; a beach home in Malibu and maybe an exotic mansion or something. But let me ask you this, are those the things you really want? Nothing wrong with them, of course, but what do you really want in this short go round? I think if you are honest, it probably aint that. Oh sure, you wouldn’t turn them down! Neither would I! But this marvelous life is about much more than a lot of money and the things that accompany money. And, in your heart, you know that…

I’ve been blessed with many wonderful experiences, the greatest of which was learning the truth about God and His love for me. Personally, I would have never gone for that religious life because as my kids say, “I aint about that life!” Instead God saw fit to teach me who He really is and the exquisite freedom that accompanies that relationship. No single event changed my life more than that simple little class I took in 1982 called, “Power For Abundant Living.” I went from being a young college student; afraid of my own shadow, to a guy privileged to finally live life without fear for the very first time! Wow man…really! And though many things entered in to challenge that relationship and talk me into that life “I wasn’t about,” here I still am and here He still is. Sublime… Then, through an unusual turn of events I met my wife Connie. We never really experienced “love at first sight” but instead experienced “You are the one” at first sight (or closely there after). We couldn’t explain it, but we just knew and at the tender age of “way too young” we got married. We had our share of dramas but I wouldn’t trade those days of struggling for anything in the world. We grew up together, ya know? We fought; we disagreed passionately; we had it with each other (but never at the same time) and we grew up. We wouldn’t have made it without my first Love. We started our married life with twins; Tony and Joshua; two companions in crime. As I now look at my grandsons I remember, God I loved those days. I couldn’t wait to get home from work to see those two smiling faces. We didn’t have tons of money, but enough money from my Army officer pay to make it all work. Connie was home with the kids…I know, crazy huh? Then my little lovely Kelli came along, smiling at me from her first entry into the world…seriously! Don’t even tell me girls are harder (LOL) it just aint true! Now semi-exhausted from the companions in crime minus no drama, always choosing properly Kelli, yikes, another baby came along. Young Christopher or Bonks-Dee-Wewis, my youngest. The icing on the cake. Chris got all of the athlete genes x 3, so that made for a lot of Saturday fun watching him play. When he rejoiced, we all rejoiced! Man, what a marvelous life.

Fast forward many years and here I am poised to celebrate number 53. Life has changed. The kids all moved out (and back as kids do). Connie and I had to figure out how these empty nesters are supposed to function. We have more money but still no mansion, no fame and no auditions for Elvis Presley movies. Yet this marvelous life is still so, so marvelous! God continues to teach me things in His perfect, inexplicable way and I remain thankful for the ride. We work hard; we play hard (yes, we go hard in the paint) and sometimes too hard, but still I would not trade this life; my life for anything in the world.

You see, what makes this life so marvelous isn’t fame or fortune or unlimited money, though I still would not refuse them…Haha! What makes this life so grand is love, my friends. Love between me and my Heavenly Father and more importantly His love for me. Love shared with my wife; not a flaming bonfire, but a perpetual steady flame that never goes out! Love with my family; my incredible, awesome, thoughtful, enlightened, well-adjusted family. Love with my extended family shared in meals and gatherings and events. Love with my friends, yes even my Facebook friends. It’s love that makes it all worthwhile. We endeavor to teach people about God, because we love Him. We invite family and friends to our house for any event we can think of, because we love them. We tailgate with the Ute fan faithful, because we love them.

So before you start hanging your head, cataloging what you haven’t done yet or the money you haven’t earned or the house you don’t own, remember what makes this life so marvelous is the love you share with the people you are so blessed to rub shoulders with. Really… What’s the first thing you imagine when you see yourself winning the lottery or finally making it big? You see yourself enjoying it with the people you love. I know I do…

53 years on Earth sure goes by fast. So why not spend your remaining years finally getting it. It’s not the fame or the fortune or the big house that makes life marvelous. It’s the people you are privileged to share it with! Am I done now? Haha of course not, I’m still going to be a famous author! And when you are reading my best seller remember, I’m enjoying that success with the people that I love!

Just some good thoughts…


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