Thinking Without Practice is Dead…

The reason you seek advancement in some area is because you are smart enough to know you have gotten stuck. But you’ll never find the way out of the rut by floating along with the debris of yesterday’s thoughts. Nor can you drift along today with today’s debris and get it done either. You have to find real things; true things and focus your mind on those things. In other words, stop floating!


img_1199818081_15077_1229284874Have you ever learned something significant that offered the promise of unalterably changing your life for the better, only to find yourself back in the “same-old, same-old” a week later? You read a fantastic book or are deeply moved by a speaker and can’t wait to tell others about your experience, then by the time you see your friends you have forgotten what touched your heart in the first place. Why? I’ve often mused that self-help is an opioid by the appeal it makes to your soul, but an addiction after the initial experience wears off, ever requiring a new supply. Right?

This certainly isn’t an indictment against self-help or self-development as it’s now called, but rather a sincere question in need of a real answer. Personally, I think people who seek to improve their situation are the most honest people on Earth. But, wanting to advance and actually advancing are two entirely different…

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