Is Life Random?

2000px-Two_red_dice_01.svgImagine, if you will, that your life plays out on a field of pure potential. There’s no predetermined destiny or well-developed course. You came from the factory with complete freedom of will to function within a complex, fully loaded network without limitation. You began with a mind and a heart as a means to tap into that potential and were given the ability to develop your own life as you saw fit.  In the infinite field of potential (called life) you were provided with the choice to soar as high as the heavens or fall as low as the deepest valley. This is how your life started and this is how your life functions to this day. There is no element of randomness involved. Randomness is a deception on a breathtakingly, masterful level. Behind every apparent act of randomness is a carefully crafted plan.

In a world designed by God there can be no element of chance. There is nothing without purpose or meaning. Often the meaning or cause remains hidden and in a futile attempt to understand, man is forced to guess. Man is schooled to evaluate by cause and effect. When he fails to see the connection, as he often does, he foolishly assigns erroneous causes and played out to his exasperation, assigns nebulous causes which are not causes at all. The apparent randomness of life is such a nebulous cause. If you could see life as God sees it, you would be well aware of the complicated, unbroken chain of events that led to both your greatest accomplishments and your most tragic catastrophes. You did not land a good break nor did you run across a patch of bad luck. In the same way that a plant does not just appear, but first began as a seed, so your life and the results thereof began as a seed. And through knowledge or by ignorance, you planted and one day received. This offers you no consolation for the horrible things you may have experienced, but it is the truth, somewhat simplified, of course.

My purpose for attempting to explain this is not to condemn you for any negative events you are presently surviving, but rather to give you back something you have possessed all along. The sooner you stop guessing at the game of life and get back to life’s Designer, the sooner you can change the course of your life and start manifesting the results you really want. God is quite adept at teaching you the truth and seeks only a willing heart. If you were paying attention, you would recognize where He was already at work. Whether it came in the form of an apparently random thought, or a close friend, or a teacher or your own attempt at evaluating what happened to you, God was back there igniting a burning bush to see if you might stop and investigate. No-one is exempted from God’s tender love and guidance if that person really wants to know. No-one…

The notion that life is random serves only to take away reason and purpose and meaning. Without those elements, life becomes pointless. Logically there would be no point in what you think or what you do or what you believe, if life is random. It all becomes a giant exercise in futile existence whereby stuff just happens to you from a perpetual state of “look-out!” Now just observing your surroundings, you know that isn’t true. Nature alone denies that theory and it isn’t anyone’s mother.

There are reasons behind even the most insignificant events. Sometimes those reasons are good and sometimes those reasons are bad, but how you vote determines the election (Dr. VPW). No person can control every aspect of life, nor should he want to, but he controls a helluva lot more than he thinks. He is playing in a field of pure potentiality with the potential to do or go or be whatever he wants. His only limitation is his beliefs and ignorance regarding the reality of things. God said, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” It’s ignorance fostered by a world carefully manipulated to present an apparent order that is not order at all. It’s a training program you have participated in without knowing you were participating. It is the systematizing of error that once accepted leads only to misery and hopelessness. Just think about how many things you hold as true that really aren’t true at all. The doctor said your disease was incurable, but God didn’t. The system says you cannot achieve without the right education, yet many achieve despite it. If you do this, you’ll get that and if you don’t do this you will suffer. All erroneous, all systematized, all put forth as truth to a world starved for goodness and love and success, then resulting only in evil and hate and failure.

This is your opportunity to break out of the myth of randomness and regain control of your life. This is your chance (pun intended) to chart a new course whereby you decide how things are going to turn out. This the reality of the life that God gave you complete with a full catalogue of instruction, if you want it.

Breaking free from bondage and limitation and ignorance isn’t any more complicated than deciding in your heart that you need God to help you. You ain’t smart enough to do this on your own as your own experience exemplifies…

So as I wrap up these good thoughts, I peer into the sky where I see the moon mocking the sun by appearing to rise in the east behind the clouds, draped by the splendor of the mountains and I think, “Thank you God that this wonderful sight isn’t random either…

Just some good thoughts


2 thoughts on “Is Life Random?

  1. I like this topic. The circumstances I encountered are more or less orchestrated (more often less) and interrupted by the choices of others. It’s like an improv act. There is a basic outline and all these gif fervent actors come in and the flow changes . . Sticking more or less to the script.

    I went way off script for 21 years but God gives me the opportunity to use my long journey home for His good.

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