Blessed People Bless People…

Recently I came across a post proclaiming that true followers of Christ don’t need health, wealth or prosperity and that they should content themselves with Christ alone. And those statements, while dripping with religiosity, could not be further from the truth! Oh it sounds noble enough, so humble, so pious, but is that how life works; indeed how human beings work?

For the life of me, I cannot understand how people think a life with God involves going without the things that make life a blessing. If God is all-powerful, all mighty, all good, why would we allow someone to convince us that His will for us was anything less? Do you have kids? How did you treat them? Sure, you needed to teach them some tough lessons at times, maybe you even spanked a butt or two, but did you ever take it upon yourself not to supply what they needed? I’m guessing, and I know from my own children, that you did everything in your power and sometimes beyond your power to make sure they lacked no good thing! Come on, you know that! So, why would you ever accept that God would not only do less for you, but even require that you went without your prosperity or worse your health for some grand unknown purpose. You see, that’s the problem with religion. It doesn’t make sense and God isn’t allowed to not make sense!

How life really works, and you know this in your heart, is that blessed people, bless people. When people are prospering, they want to share their prosperity with other people. When people don’t have enough, which is never God’s will, they cannot afford to help other people and trying to do so just adds more pressure to their lives. When your health is good and you feel good you have the energy to reach out. When you’re sick, which is also never God’s will, you are forced to focus on yourself and whatever it takes to recover! In short, when you are enjoying God’s blessings in your life is when you are most apt to reach out and help someone else. It is just how life is and God knows this. To tell people who don’t have their needs met, that they are being selfish in their focus, doesn’t help them at all. What they need is to be taught how to believe to get their needs met.

A relationship with God, as your Father, is all about you learning how to receive and enjoy God’s blessings. The first person you have to prove God to is yourself! If you personally never got blessed by God or received His help in trying times or had access to his healing during times of sickness or affliction, then what on earth would you ever witness to anyone else? Who or what are you promoting? If I’m God’s child and still have to suffer all the garbage, all the suffering the world goes through, if I cannot get the help I need when I need it the most, if I’m just supposed to perpetually suffer for the glory of the Lord, then what the hell kind of life is that? Yet, that is exactly what people preach and teach. In reality, people have just not yet learned how to receive from God.

I know, I know someone is going to say this sounds selfish. I mean God-forbid you get your needs met, right? Well, supplying all your needs is something God promises, not me. God is more interested in helping to meet your needs than you are in having them met! God wants to prove His love for you. You don’t initiate the goodness, God does. You simply respond. You simply give God a try… Religion, always man-made, seeks to make the irrational, rational. It adds principles and policies that contradict life. It suggests behaviors and practices that have no foundation in logic or reason. In fact, it promotes a lack of reasoning as a basis for faith, a conundrum from which people have a hard time escaping. God, life with God, is the polar opposite. It is completely logical and sensible. It fits with life and nature and everything in our existence. It feels so good because it is so good. It’s warmth and love and tenderness and everything you always knew intuitively it should be. Don’t doubt yourself… Don’t let someone talk you out of things you know for sure. Keep questing, keep seeking, keep learning! 

You know how you can be the best kind of human you can be? Learn about God and start getting your needs met. Learn how to receive God’s blessings. Learn how to believe. In doing so, you will open yourself to a world of possibility and potential! You’ll discover a realm where for God nothing is impossible and that He will use His power to help you. You will find that smile you left in childhood returning with so much more to feel good about. You will find the life God intended for you to find. God always works in individuals, not organizations. Get blessed! Blessed people bless people…

Are you blessed?

Just some good thoughts.



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