About me…

I have always been a lover of life and am most interested in that which we can control, namely our thought life. The more than abundant life promised in God’s Word all hinges upon what we think about and ultimately believe. This blog is just some good thoughts and good thoughts alone that lead to the kind of believing that can revolutionize your life.

As for me, I’m happily married with the greatest kids on earth!  My life is good, God loves me and I’ve got something to say!  I don’t think people should be content with their private misery or mediocre lives, so here it is…just some good thoughts!



Me and Suelo…
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20 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Sally Stites

    God bless you! Read one of your blogs through Facebook on Don Smith’s page. Thank you. I’ll be reading the archives and sharing .

  2. Glad I also found this web site Papa Tony, after searching for Advanced Class on PFAL on Google. What a wonderful, lovely read! I had the same experience and was telling a friend of mine about it just the other day, how that by session 2 I was no longer fear filled but able to feel freedom from fear! How blessed we are to have had such a class when we were young and pliable. The engrafted word, able to save your soul indeed. Forever grateful PFAL Grad 1974

      1. TYPO!!! I was drawn to Karen who was freed in 1974. her name sounds familiar, unless it’s her spouse’s. Then I read your reply to her. — what a typo! You must have a Chromebook like me. (3 typos in 2 lines) “What ‘er ya blind or sumthin” (Lol) HATING = THING And NO, hating never works! Love does.

  3. James b lowery

    Jameslowery885@yahoo.com my name’s is jb Lowery. I first ran into pfal in 1976 . I then tried to omit taking the class in Elpaso in military service.l then changed military base. I were told before I left Elpaso tx. Once I get to Anchorage Alaska I would take the class. My mind set was I would never hear from this ministry again. How wrong was I. After I got settled in. These Believers came and found me. They were notified by the Believers from Elpaso Tx. I have been a believer since.January 1978.

  4. Anonymous

    Tony, I am so glad to have “stumbled” or inspired by God upon your site! Where did you get your inspiration and training ? Your ideas are what everybody thinks about but cannot put them in concise, simple concepts. Thanks so much for the good thoughts.

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