Broken Hearts and Broken Dreams…

635848573565830810-1507894444_o-BROKEN-HEART-facebook0-680x340Anyone who has aged a little in life can attest to the fact that you don’t always end up where you thought you might end up. You may not have become the rock star or famous actress you once entertained. Or, even if your dreams weren’t as lofty, sometimes you just find yourself living life a little different than you’d imagined or wanted. You definitely have a few scars and maybe even a wound or two that isn’t quite healed yet. Some parts of you no longer function at the optimum level, most assuredly including your mind and thoughts. You may suffer from a broken heart, not injured in one fell swoop, but hurt imperceptibly over time by unmet longings and failure to appropriately acknowledge yourself. Sometimes you are just sick of your own shit and desperately need some repairs or maybe a complete overhaul. No matter what your current need is or how deeply things have gone astray, the reality is that whatever you are going through is just a part of a universal human experience affecting all mankind, sooner or later. It was never intended; it doesn’t make you feel any better; but it damn sure has a remedy!

The problem with problems is that in order to become a problem, the problem has to have some problematic element attached to it that you perceive as unrepairable or unfixable. For you and me, while living out our individual human experiences, some problems or difficulties are beyond our own limited problem solving ability. Shoot! – sometimes we cannot even identify what our problem is exactly. This may surprise you or buck up against your current philosophy, but part of your problem is your determined insistence that by thinking or considering or brooding or dwelling within or worrying or chewing it all over, you will eventually be able to solve your problem. And, accordingly, some folks spend their entire existence neatly stuck within a problem that not only could have been solved, but should have been solved long ago! Welcome to people. Welcome to the human experience. Welcome to broken hearts and broken dreams!

God’s intention for our lives, despite us being loathe to admit it, is for us to cast all of our cares upon Him and allow Him to help us receive assistance, healing and repair at the heart level. God works at the heart level. God is well aware of your inability to register or recognize all of the tricks of your spiritual opponent! He is abundantly clear that the same opponent you cannot discern is also the one encouraging you to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps and figure it out all by yourself! God knows already people. He can see through all of our fake behaviors and foolish, misguided attempts to coerce Him into helping us and He loves us anyway! He sees all of our true motives and desires as well as our deceived intentions and plans and still loves us anyway. In short, He knows you intimately; your good and all of your bad, your falsehoods, your deceptions, your wrongs, your mistakes and all of that crap you have been hoping He won’t find out about, and He still LOVES you anyway! Somehow, someway you have to break free from that worldly, exaggerated, totally false notion, that your help from God is somehow dependent upon how good you are! Nothing could be further from the truth! Believing that man-made garbage is the number one hinderance stopping us from getting the help we need!

Our hearts form the basis of the life we are experiencing presently. When your current situation sucks it is because your heart sucks (right now). Our hearts, that we were supposed to be guarding, become damaged by our failure to protect them and then lead us to suffering and pain. Broken hearts don’t just show up over jilted relationships, they get broken by wrong thinking and doing things contrary to our own best interest. They get damaged from neglect and our failure to speak up or change appropriately. They get battered and abused by hurtful people, situations and events. They are spurned by insensitivity and callous attitudes, beginning with our own. We should have cared for our hearts in the beginning and taken the necessary steps. But sadly, by the time we realize something is amiss, usually the damage has already been done. Now here we are, full circle, living with broken hearts and the resultant broken dreams. So what should we do?

The simple solution; the only real solution, is to give all of your issues and dilemmas to God directly. Briefly apologize for being such a hard head and trying to figure it all out yourself. Don’t linger on all of your pain as He already knows! Just, for God’s sake, lay it all out to Him (every bit) and tell Him you need His help. Don’t foolishly try to figure out what He can and cannot help with or further limit what He can and will do! Just give it all to Him like He said and keep on living your life! But, while you are living and handling your business, keep your eyes open as you will be hearing from heaven in ways you may have never imagined. Don’t discount that thought that lodges in your mind or that idea that appealed to you recently. Pursue it. Pursue it. You will get your answer and you can get your heart repaired and even your dreams restored. You can. You should. You frikkin oughta!

You got one skinny, lean go round on this planet people. Just because you started good and then twisted bad doesn’t mean you can’t finish up good! Your life is worth that good; God’s goodness! Get all that God wants you to have! Get the very best!

I love you…

Just some good thoughts…



Hurt Hearts Hurt Humans… Healed Hearts Heal Humans!

broken_heart_8220916All us good folk living our lives the best we can have one thing in common. We’re all carrying around some bullshit we need to get rid of! We have all been hurt. We have all been mistreated. We have all made mistakes; lots and lots of them (multiplied by our current age). We were brought up by parents who made mistakes. They were raised by people who made mistakes. Our teachers taught us things that weren’t true. Employers may have used us. Others abused us. And, while we may not be psychopaths, we are all damaged goods in some capacity. We are imperfect creatures in an imperfect world living among other imperfect creatures. And sadly, knowing the futility and insanity of our own thoughts at times, we insist on demanding from others that which we don’t even get from ourselves. Hurt hearts can only hurt other people.

If you will really think it through, none of us want to do things that are wrong or hurtful. None of us. But our pain, our unresolved issues really aren’t centered on others, they are centered on ourselves. Our frailties, our weaknesses, our issues pave the way for the foolish things we do. We say horrible things to people not with intent to hurt them, but to salve our own wounds. We gash and tear and bash other people because we are gashed and torn and bashed ourselves. Couples fight, inflicting verbal wounds on one another’s hearts in a misguided attempt to protect their own hearts. Wounded hearts wound other’s hearts.

Oh how compassionate we would become if we ever got past our own bullshit long enough to see and feel the other person. But, we cannot see past the bleeding wounds of our own souls. A compassionate heart is one that is completely and thoroughly in touch with its own absurdity and as such is willing to easily look past the absurdity in another. A person with a compassionate heart forgives freely because they remember how and for what God has forgiven them. People often compliment me personally on how non-judgmental I am, never considering the heavy judgments I cast on myself. A compassionate heart helps people heal.

In order for people to actually get past their baggage and their bondage and their bullshit, they have to be made whole. But, they can’t be made whole without God. All the counseling and positive thinking and affirmations in the world can’t repair the breach because the real source of the breach is always spiritual; a spiritual enemy, ever veiled from view, yet ultimately behind both the suffering we experience and the suffering we inflict. All healing is first spiritual as all pain is first spiritual.

There but for the grace and mostly mercy of God, go I. We are all the same. We all have hopes and aspirations and dreams. We all endure fears and pain and suffering. We all need love, compassion and understanding. We’ve all hurt and damaged and messed others up. We’re in this boat together and though it appears others are awful and we are saints, wrong is still wrong is still wrong. The damage caused by the jaded heart is the same as the hurt caused by the gentle heart. Our life’s work is not to exhaust ourselves in improving ourselves but rather to expend ourselves getting to know and understand the One that heals us.

How does God heal our hearts? If anyone has the right and authority to judge us, it would certainly be Him. But, as One not subjected to the deception of evil, He heals not by pointing out our absurdities and faults; not by seeking to punish our foolishness and frailty, but by knowing who we really are and remaining faithful to treat us in that light. He sees behind the smoke screens and facades and clearly discerns what got us; why it got us; and how the heck He can get us out of it. With Him we can only succeed and without Him we can only fail. Life is too big; too tricky; too perilous to figure out this thing on our own. God heals hearts and healed hearts help others heal.

Once God heals our situations spiritually and trust me, He does, it’s still up to us to put it on in our minds. And though our earthly minds will never reach His perfection, we can still get so repaired of a lifetime of bullshit that we can actually heal. We can become so blessed, so forgiven and encouraged that we become a source of valuable help to others. We have no difficulty looking past the so-called egregious errors of other people because we finally understand why. And once you know why, you never have trouble with the things people have done. Sure some things are worse than others, but underneath it all lies a human just like you. Healed people forgive others.

Simple logic tells you that a broken machine doesn’t work like it should. When it finally blows up and breaks stuff, you get why it damaged things and instead of blaming and accusing and assaulting it, you seek to get it repaired. Humans are no different. We may have free-will and minds and thoughts and decision-making ability, but when we break down we tear stuff up. The solution is therefore to help it (them) get repaired. A child, guilt ridden for the wrong he did doesn’t need a lecture, he needs forgiveness and an approving, unconditional loving response. That’s what God gives you. That’s what you give to others. A healed heart sets people free!

We find ourselves all lined up in the same boat on a similar journey. Don’t allow the wrongs you have suffered to make you a cause in the suffering of others. Instead accept and love yourself for all the foolishness that you are and be grateful for your perfect God that saves you and saves us all! Healed hearts love the unlovable until they become lovable too.

Just some good, healing thoughts…